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Love Is Blind Star Tiffany Falls Asleep During Brett’s Date in the Pods

Every season of Love Is Blind has that one couple — the ones who give you hope in the dating process (Lauren and Cameron, Alexa and Brennon, etc.)

That season 4 meant-to-be pair is Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell.

They’re the best of the bunch, and from the moment they connect in the pods, these Seattle singles have everyone talking about them. Their chemistry is undeniable; from the first time they color coordinate to Brett giving Tiffany his very first shoe design, there’s something so natural about this couple that’s just begging for a fairy tale romance.

There are only a handful of Love Is Blind couples that have gone the distance, but Brett and Tiffany have made their mark on fans’ hearts. They’ve had only a few obstacles so far, but they’ve managed to keep their relationship progressing and even went on a romantic Mexico getaway.

The first snag occurred during an emotional moment in the pods when Brett poured his heart out to Tiffany, and she fell asleep. It left him confused and upset, but thankfully, he got over it quickly, and things have been back to normal between them since.

Another snafu was during their next date when she had trouble staying awake. She had a stormy night’s sleep before their date and decided to doze off during her talk with Brett. She thought she’d have a chance to rest her eyes for a second before continuing the conversation, but she was too tired to continue.

On the bright side, they had a sweet proposal during their next pod date. After that, they got engaged, and the couple headed to Mexico for a vacation together.

Regardless, they’ve remained on the show and have maintained their relationship status — though they’re known to wipe their social media pages clean of any relationship hints. ET has done some sleuthing on Brett and Tiffany’s Instagrams, and both seem to be following one another and several of their co-stars from the show.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see them out and about soon. They’re the most believable couple this season, so we can’t wait to see where they go.

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