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Ultimate Mats: Ways to Keep Your Entry Mat from Fading

After giving it some thought, you’ve finally made up your mind to buy entry mats from Ultimate Mats. There is nothing wrong with that considering Ultimate Mats obsesses over providing the lowest prices for the highest quality mats available.

Whether you need a specialized logo mat or another type of mat, they work with you to get the perfect design to meet your needs. All this without having to sacrifice high quality for price! Better, their super-friendly, knowledgeable team can’t be beat when it comes to support.

Actually, their team is there to lend a helping hand. They take the time to answer any questions and explain differences in mats available. All you have to do is get in touch with them for a quick, simple solution to any of your commercial mat needs.

Bear in mind entrance mats not only protect the inside of your business premises from dirt and water, but also protect individuals from falling. Moreover, an entry mat can be a marketing measure. You can even put a logo on certain types of entrance mats.

Once you’re done with buying beautiful, hardworking entrance mats from Ultimate Mats, you will want to keep them looking new. Luckily, that’s not difficult to do. There are different types of entrance mats, and how to clean them varies slightly between different types.

In a nutshell, most entrance mats can be washed in a commercial machine and we have washing instructions available that are specific to each type of entry mat. In general, you want to wash like types of mats together and like colors together.

Never should you wash them in water that’s too hot since you can actually melt synthetic-fiber mats. The same thing goes with the dryer. Some entrance mats can go in a dryer if the dryer isn’t to hot. But laying them flat to dry tends to significantly extend their lives.

Remember, some entrance mats can’t go in a washing machine, and those need to be just hosed off outside. An entry mat that’s very dirty of crusted with mud needs to be hosed off anyway before washing in a machine.

It is essential that you do everything it takes to keep your entry mats clean. After all, dirty mats can create the problem of adding to dirt and water being tracked through your commercial space. You want your entrance mats to solve an issue, not add to the issue.

Also, remember the entry mats should lie flat. When the entrance mats no longer lie flat and start to get frayed or damaged, it might the ideal time to replace them. No wonder proper care and maintenance of entrance mats is something you should never skimp on.

As you already know, the statistics for slips and falls are staggering. For this reason, you should use the appropriate entrance floor mats to protect your business from these types of avoidable accidents without pushing yourself to the limit.

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