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What You Need to Know about Careers in Addiction Recovery

Do you foresee yourself working at a leading drug rehab Utah facility in the near future? Maybe you’re trying to find yourself the right career path to follow? If so, making the bold decision of becoming part of the addiction-treatment community will certainly work to your advantage.

You’d be surprised to learn that careers in the addiction recovery sphere are in high demand, often due to the high rate of turnover. Understanding a few things about the role professionals play in the recovery process can help you decide if this career path is worth following. Here is what you should know before deciding on anything.

Not for Everyone

While it seems like a lucrative career path to follow, the worrying part is that its not for everyone. If you’ve had a personal struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, you may be thinking spending your days at a rehab facility could help you overcome this problem. However, this is far from the truth. When working in this field, you aren’t the person battling drug addiction anymore.

Most positions in this field allow for someone in recovery to work in the field, but employers will want to see a lengthy recovery period to evaluate the risk of relapse. Ensure you immensely study and understand this career path before you get going!

You Can Take Up Different Positions

The field of addiction recovery is surprisingly wide. What this simply means is that there are different job openings available for grabs. It simply narrows to understanding what works best for you. Among the roles you can consider taking up include those for administrative workers, social workers, vocational counselors, nurses and detox support specialists, to name a few.

Ensure you understand the role played in each job position to determine what you may be comfortable with. This will mean factoring in  the responsibilities handled, not forgetting the salary range.

If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse in Utah, then The Phoenix Recovery Center is here for you. After all, this drug rehab Utah facility empowers individuals and families suffering from addiction and mental health disorders, to celebrate life through lasting solutions.

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